"There has been a critical error on your website" - FIX

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This is just an update for anyone that is experiencing this error below:

"There has been a critical error on your website."

If you’ve been using WordPress for some time, you’ve likely heard of or possibly even encountered its most infamous error. This used to be called the white screen of death. This startling glitch would cause your entire website, and sometimes even your backend, to load as a blank white page.

In recent versions of WordPress this blank screen has been replaced with the critical error and the text “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” and sometimes you won't be getting any emails regarding it.

If you are currently running a Wordpress website and this is showing up, please go in your cPanel and find "Select PHP version". Then select PHP version 7.0 or 5.6, depending on your site needs. This should stop showing the error on the website.

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