How to change billing cycle of your web hosting

Welcome to HostDang! We will show you on how to order your first web hosting package so you can put your website online that you always wanted, we will show you on how easy it is!

First thing is first, you will need a domain name. You can either purchase a domain name or if you already have one then you need to update the nameservers DNS to ours. You can check more information on how to update to our nameservers in the knowledgebase section.

These are the nameservers DNS that you need to point too:

Step 1: Get a domain name, update nameservers.

Step 2: You can now purchase the hosting of your choice. Click here and choose a web hosting plan that you want to go with. Once that is done, click on ORDER NOW and then put in your domain name that you bought and click USE. Then click on CONTINUE and you should see the checkout there. Select the Billing Cycle of your choice (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).

You can select the Billing Cycle of your choice (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) and you can continue.

Step 3: Click on CONTINUE and press on CHECKOUT. Register an account, see how you like to pay and that's basically it! Once payment is done, you should receive an email with your details on how to login into your hosting account. You can then easily install wordpress, or any other you like from the panel.

Let us know if you wish any help with setting up! We will also guide you on this from our support.

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